Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stories from First Holy Communion Part 3

Do you see the lovely lady in the photo above?  She is Wingnut Jr.'s Godmother.  She is one of the most loving and giving mothers/godmothers/friends anyone could have, and our family has been so blessed by her, Godfather, and their lovely family.  She and Godfather and their family flew more than 2000 miles to witness Wingnut Jr. receive his First Holy Communion.  During the consecration, her little three year old guy, Mr. R., needed to go to the restroom.  Did she think to send one of her older children with little Mr. R.? No, she did not.  She flew all that way just to be in the restroom when her Godson received his First Holy Communion.  Thankfully, we all decided to attend Mass the next morning and Godmother was able witness Wingnut Jr. receive his second Holy Communion.  

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Our Family said...

I agree, she is amazing! Miss you all.