Thursday, September 5, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} September 5

round button chicken


Pretty Special K showing off her multicolored hair.  Karate Kid found hair chalks at Target and made a new best friend when she brought them home for her little sisters.


My garden has made me so happy this year.  We've had at least 12 zucchini off my one plant and my tomatoes are beginning to ripen.  Our lettuce did extremely well too.  We had home grown organic lettuce for the entire summer.  I recently replanted and we should still have some baby greens in just a couple more weeks.  We'll also have a bevy of onions and carrots very soon.  (Smiles)


I'd seen a recipe for zucchini chips on Pinterest and I thought they looked delicious.  I filled two sheet pans with thinly cut zucchini rounds from one medium sized zucchini.  They needed to bake at a very low temp for over two hours.

This tiny bowl of zucchini chips was the yield.  So much time and work for such a small bowl!  They were really yummy, but not really worth the effort.


By my calculations we should be able to harvest some of our potatoes, especially my favorite "new" potatoes.  I emptied one potato grow container and this is all we managed to grow.  Really?! From what I planted we should have had 5-15 pounds of potatoes.  I still have another container and three mounds of "volunteers".  I'll wait a bit longer before I harvest potatoes again.  Sigh.

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Natalie said...

Glad you getting some things out of your garden. I'm guessing the varmints have been thwarted from eating everything. =)