Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hiking Utah

One of the wonderful things about Utah is there is never a shortage of outdoor activities to engage in here. Our favorite fall activity is hiking, especially as the landscape begins to change color.  Fridays are a light schooling day for us, so we try to plan field trips for Friday afternoons.  This last week we went hiking about 1/2 an hour from the house.  This trail was perfect for the younger kids, and even though Lil' Lamb spent most of the hike in the backpack, it was an easy enough trail for him to hike along as he wished.

It's still a touch early for fall colors here; we should peak in October, but the weather was perfect.

The kids enjoyed getting up close to some great rock formations.

Special K is our fearless girl and had to walk out onto every rock outcropping.

Lil' Lamb loved having acorns and rocks handed back to him to examine.

The end of this hike had a great reward that we hadn't anticipated in this little water fall.

This was our stunning view on the return hike. 

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