Tuesday, September 3, 2013


You may remember Sardonic Catholic Dad for his mostly sardonic blog, but he has a new focus and it is an awesome one.  He now blogs about how his family of 15 lives on one income.  It is chock full of great budgeting advice, but what had most impacted me in reading is what a wonderful lesson in detachment can be learned by adopting many of his strategies.

He and his lovely wife blogged recently about a month long spending fast they went on with their entire family.  Sam blogged almost daily about her personal struggles and triumphs during the fast.  It was awesome and inspiring to read.

On Sunday, Wingnut and I began our own spending fast.  Basically we are fasting from spending on things we do not need.  We are continuing to pay all our normal bills, buying gas for the vehicles, and grocery shopping and that is it.  We all have a horrible habit of running out to buy stuff just on a whim. Usually I'm the most guilty of frivolous trips to the grocery store or Target for missing ingredients.  Of course, I almost never just buy the missing ingredients.  Wingnut's weakness is Slurpee's or candy.  Over the course of a month these frivolous purchases can really add up.

Thankfully, we are well off financially, compared to most, and do not NEED to do this particular fast.  We pay our bills on time and we pay off our credit cards completely each month.  We just feel it would be healthier--physically, financially, and spiritually--to fast from spontaneous spending and practice self control, patience, and a bit of detachment from worldly things.

So far it hasn't been too challenging, but it cracks me up how many times I actually think about running to the store for this-that-and-the-other-thing.  I'm having to be creative with dinners, too.  I'm making due with what I have and so far it's working fine.  I am really looking forward to grocery day on Thurday, though.  I'm going to really make a very detailed menu and list.  I don't want to have to scrounge and substitute like I've had to this week!

I won't keep as detailed of a diary as Sam did, but I will keep you posted throughout the month on our progress.

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Natalie said...

Oh that sounds interesting! I know I'm guilty of the clearance rack, especially during the change of season months. I still feel justified by it since I rarely pay full price for any of my clothes. As for food, that can add up quick so I definitely make a menu and try to use as much fresh ingredients for as many meals as possible. Sometimes it is just easier to by the frozen lasagna and a bag of salad and call it good. =) I'm looking forward to your posts about how it all goes.

Maia said...

Thanks for sharing this! I'm following a new blog, now!