Friday, September 20, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} A Day Late

round button chicken

I thought I had taken more photos this week.  I should look at my phone camera.  I bet they are all there. Here are a few I took with my Canon.

{Pretty} and a bit scary, too

Yes, that is a tornado forming just outside our back deck.  It was a small little twister that hovered in the air for about 10 minutes and then was reabsorbed into the clouds.  It was cool and a bit eerie at the same time.


Lil' Lamb is happiest when he can maraud around the yard and throw rocks to his heart's content.  He's singing as he throws rocks in this photo.  Happy boy.


Lil' Lamb isn't always my most cooperative subject, but on this evening he was all about getting his photo taken so that he could then see what he looked like and then he would laugh at his expressions.  I love his sweet funny little face.


This is the third time this little flower garden plot has been featured as my real shot.  My poor girls must have weeded this spot at least a half dozen times this summer and then we never did get around to planting anything in it, too late now.  I did finally just spray it down with 6 month weed control, knowing it will be next spring before we do finally plant a flower bed.

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