Monday, September 9, 2013

Harder for Some than Others

On September 1, following the example of our dear friends, Sam and Sardonic Catholic Dad, we began a financial fast for a month.  As promised, I am documenting here how we are faring.

So far, it hasn't been all that difficult.  I planned and shopped a very strict menu when I went grocery shopping last week, and while I spent a tad more than I normally would, I've eliminated the nearly daily runs to the local grocery store to pick up the things I might have forgotten that would lead to picking up other things on impulse.  My one slip up occurred out of charity.  We run a family football pool each year and the day I set it up I invited 12 family members to the pool, not realizing I had only 10 free licenses.  In order to circumvent confusion, I purchased 3 more licenses at $1 each.  Believe me, I was racked with guilt over 3 measly dollars.

Wingnut is hanging in there forgoing his daily Slurpees, Spree, and Rockstars.

But poor little Wingnut Jr. has not quite caught on.  Nearly everyday he has asked for a trip to the local convenience store for one treat or another.  On Thursday I took the children with me to Skoshi A's orthodontist appointment.  They all behaved beautifully, which usually would have ended up with each of them receiving some kind of treat.  As we loaded into the car, Wingnut Jr. asked if we were going anywhere else and when I responded we were heading straight home, he asked with all sweetness and ignorance, "But weren't we Slurpee good?"  Poor little guy.  It doesn't matter how often I remind him we are fasting from impulse spending.  He just doesn't get it.

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Rob F said...

Sam slipped up by spending $2 to light a votive candle at church for a friend. I gave her a hard time just cause that's what I do.