Monday, September 2, 2013


The JayP, our 18 year old, moved out yesterday.  It was bitter sweet.  Bitter, because the direction his life is taking is not what I had hoped and dreamed for him, but it is his life and his life ultimately belongs to God and I know God is holding him in his hand right now, even if I cannot.  It was sweet, because there was too much tension in the house as long as he stayed.  He longed for independence and we longed for peace.

At the beginning of this summer the law was laid down.  He needed to get a job.  He got one fairly easily, at McDonald's.  It's a beginning.  He needed to save his money for either a car or an apartment or college, and he needed it before September, because come September we could no longer give him rides to and from work.  He bought a smart phone.  Not what I would have done, but there you have it.  In the end he did not have enough money for a car or college.  He did have enough for first and last month's rent for a room in a house just 1/2 a mile from work.  He'll be riding his bike or walking to work for the time being.

I was feeling guilty for forcing his hand until I had to get up at 4:30 am on Sunday to take him to work. I'm not feeling so guilty any more.  I'm too old for that nonsense.  Walking to work will be good for him.  Living independently will be good for him.  I've implored the Blessed Mother to wrap her mantle around him.  I have every confidence she has.  I had no clue such hard decisions would have to be made for the good of our children.  Parenting is hard.  God give us wisdom and strength! Print Friendly and PDF

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