Thursday, December 13, 2012

Virtual Open House

aka the Mom is hosting a virtual open house so that we can take a gander at festive decor from around the web.  Normally, we don't do much decorating until Gaudete Sunday, but as I mentioned in a previous post we brought home our Christmas tree quite early in December and I went ahead and let the kids have at it.  Funny, when I began photographing, I realized we really don't do much in the way of Christmas decor to begin with.  It's quite alright.  The decorations we have I love and it would not feel all that Christmasy without them.

I discovered this wreath idea on Pinterest.  I bought the cookie cutters and ribbon for half price at Michael's.  The pair cost just under $20.

Wingnut bought our pewter nativity in Korea.  As you can see, baby Jesus is missing.  We'll find him on Christmas morn and lay him in his manger.  It's one of the children's favorite traditions.

Our big beautiful tree.  It smells luscious and is every bit as bushy as it appears.  Unfortunately we haven't been able to find a topper branch for our star, so we are starless this year.

My cornhusk angels join Special K's lovely Lennox nativity lumiere.

The girls adopted this lovely little fir as their own and made bird treats to hang upon it.  I love this idea and think we'll add it as part of our traditional decor.

We have a few more little knick-knacks that I haven't photographed and the two Christmas quilts my mom has made haven't found homes in the decor just yet.  As we continue to settle in our Utah home, I'm sure the decorating will expand until I feel it is just right.

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1 comment:

Rebecca Frech said...

I love it! It looks beautiful at your house.

I miss the smell of fresh cut pine tree. We have kids with tree allergies and are stuck with the fake kind. Is it okay if I close my eyes and imagine what your house smells like? Thanks.