Thursday, December 13, 2012


Please remember my friend Joyce in your prayers.  She has been battling a recurrent battle with cancer .  She left for Lourdes yesterday morning with the help of a friend who managed airline tickets for them both to and from Paris.  Joyce is the devoted mother of nine lovely children, one of whom is studying for the priesthood in Rome.  Her youngest is 5 years old and only remembers his mommy as being ill.  She and her family are lovely witnesses to the faith and are filled with hope.  It certainly makes our problems look insignificant in comparison.

We are asking for complete healing, of course, a nd what a wonderful witness that would be to her oncologist who is a lapsed Catholic.  Joyce is also seeking spiritual healing and all the graces that might come with it.  God's Will be done! Print Friendly and PDF

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Katie said...

Praying for her and her family!

Also, hope you find new tenants soon!