Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Fail

Not even a full two days into Advent and I've already failed miserably.  This year we do not have an Advent wreath.  I forgot to order candles and apparently Mormons do not celebrate Advent as there isn't a purple nor rose colored candle in any local Michael's, Target, or Walmart to be found.  No matter, we found our pewter Advent wreath in pieces while unpacking our traditional decorations.  I guess there is always next year.

Wingnut talked me into getting our tree from our parish's Knights of Columbus.  The trees were delivered on Saturday.  I let the kids decorate the tree yesterday.  We haven't decorated a tree before Gaudete Sunday since our conversion years ago.  Lil' Lamb and the cat are tearing the thing apart with abandon.

The girls want to be bakers.  I've allowed them to bake Christmas cookies; a different recipe each night for the last three nights.  We usually reserve Christmas baking for the week before Christmas.  We'll see  if they can keep it up for 25 days.

I'm breaking many of our Advent traditions, and I'm completely ok with that.  I'm sure there isn't any harm in observing Advent with joyful anticipation, imbibing in some of the fun usually reserved for Christmas.

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Sophie Miriam said...

You can take white candles and tie pink and purple ribbons around them. :)

Cassi Duncan said...

Not a lot of Catholics in my neck of the woods either. :) I'll just share what I did, as a first-year convert, and hope it helps you some. I got four short pillar candles in purple and what could optimistically be called rose/pink (it's closer to red, but if I wanted the style of candle to match, it's the best I could do). Then I set them up on a glass cake stand and set that in the middle of the wreath that usually hangs on my door. Could have skipped the wreath, but the readings book a friend gave me specifically mentions the evergreen wreath, and I knew my kids would notice if we didn't have one, lol. :) Good luck!

Cassi Duncan said...

Wal-Mart, btw, is where I picked up the candles. And bonus--they smell pretty!