Monday, December 31, 2012

Rescue Mission

Today's project was to rescue jeans with holes in the knees.  Having seven kids can get expensive when it comes to clothing them, so my kids do wear jeans with patches.  They don't mind. For the fraction of the cost of a new pair of jeans they can have a super cool looking old pair decorated with patches.  I picked up a pack of assorted patches at Michael's for about $5 and they had a grand time choosing appliqués to accessorize their damaged pants.

Two pairs for Special K.  Cute, no?

And two pairs for Wingnut Jr.

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Katie said...

Love these! I may have to try that for my boys. Caleb has a horrible habit of getting holes in his jeans.

Natalie said...

I may have to start doing this too. They are very cute. On a plus side, you can always say holey jeans are fashionable. Why someone would buy jeans with holes already in them is beyond me.