Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just Trying to Get By

Lil' Lamb is still struggling with a stomach bug.  Diaper changes have finally decreased in frequency and he's eating some real food again (not that he ever eats that much "real" food to begin with).  His poor little bum is raw and sore.  This child that usually fights tooth and nail every. single. ding. dang. diaper. change. has begun begging for a diaper change before the explosive episode.  It is breaking my heart.  He is even begging for Tea Tree Oil, which is what I use to treat his raw bum.  It must really sooth the pain, because he cries until the ointment hits the spot.

So far, no one else seems to have caught the bug.  I'm praying no one does.  It's tough having illness in the house.  In order to get by there has been way too much video consumption.  I keep telling myself it's only temporary. Print Friendly and PDF

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