Monday, December 17, 2012

Because There is Sickness in the House Today. . .

Lil' Lamb began projectile vomiting yesterday just after Wingnut dropped our older children off at the theater to see The Hobbit.  Unfortunately, Wingnut was on his way to fly so 3 hours later a towel swaddled sick toddler was strapped into the van to pick up his older siblings once the movie let out.  There wasn't much else I could do except to pray and hope the little guy made it there and back without throwing up in the van.  He didn't make it, but thankfully the strategically placed towels caught it.

We haven't done much school today.  Lil' Lamb is still struggling with nausea and other stomach related stuff and he is not a peacefully sick type kiddo.  I'm not feeling too well myself.  Hopefully this bug travels through the family quickly--if it must travel through at all.

In the meantime, check out this beautifully written post by Rebecca Frech, especially if you are a homeschool mom and ever feel overwhelmed.  It really hit home today.  If nothing else, at least we prayed with our kids today! Print Friendly and PDF

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Rebecca Frech said...

I hate sickness, but especially stomach issues. I can deal with fevers and snot...but the vomiting? Ugh.

I hope they all begin feeling better very soon.

Thanks for the link, btw!