Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Skyfall Movie Review

I wasn't a big Bond fan until Daniel Craig took on the role in 2006.  I've loved the darker, damaged persona that has been brought to the last three films.  Wingnut and I took in the latest installment last week, and I was not disappointed.  Skyfall is the best one yet.

MI6 is under attack and deep undercover agents are at risk after a list of names and cover is stolen.  Bond is tasked with tracking down the attacker, who seems to know a bit too much about MI6 and it's operations.

Along with Craig playing Bond for the third time, Dame Judi Dench reprises her role as M. The rest of the roles are new in this film, including both Bond girls;  Eve, played by Naomie Harris and Severine, played by Berenice Marlohe. Ralph Fiennes enters the series as Gareth Mallory, a government official involved in British national security.  A quirky Q is played by a young actor, Ben Whishaw. Finally, Javier Bardem stars as ex-MI6 agent, Silva, one of the creepiest Bond villains in the series.

Skyfall is packed with great action sequences as all Bond films, but also continues the recent trend of exposing Bond's back story bit by bit.  As a tribute to the 50 year anniversary of the 007 movies, homage is paid throughout the film that bridge old Bond with the new.  Some connectors are more clever than others, some are a bit campy. If you are a 007 fan at all, you will truly enjoy this film.  How many classic connections will you discover?  Wingnut and I are still discovering them several days later--adding to the fun.

Adult themes, language, and an incredibly creepy scene between Bardem's character and Bond make this film suitable only for adults. The USCCB gave the film an A-III (adults). Print Friendly and PDF

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