Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 1 of the Cooking Marathon

Why, oh why, do we beat ourselves up cooking up a storm for a feast that lasts all of 20 minutes in our house?

Because, it's Tradition!

Today I did the grocery shopping, baked a sugar pumpkin, sweet potatoes, a loaf of peasant bread and will brine the turkey.  For dinner tonight we are having hot dogs.  I won't be doing any extra cooking if I don't have to.

Thanksgiving Menu 2012

Bacon wrapped roast turkey
Apple, bacon, sage dressing
Mashed potatoes and turkey giblet gravy
Sweet potato casserole
Cranberries with ginger and orange
Scratch made pumpkin pie (made with goat's milk)
Blue ribbon Texas Pecan pie
Chocolate pie (made with coconut milk and Ghiradelli dark chocolate) Print Friendly and PDF

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