Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Photos

Avengers seemed to be the big theme this year.  Wingnut Jr. could not resist dressing as the 1st Avenger.

Special K went as a masquerade belle.

The girls spend hours upon hours listening to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack.  They were fascinated with the idea of the masquerade ball.  Skoshi A also dressed in masquerade, but I failed to get a photo :(

I didn't even bother buying or making a costume for Lil' Lamb.  I was sure he'd be cowering in the house all evening.  He wants absolutely nothing to do with masks, hoods, costumes, etc.  We joked around that he was going as the emperor in his new clothes.

The kids did a fantastic job carving their jack-o-lanterns.

Much to my surprise, Lil' Lamb did decide he liked the costume idea once he saw Wingnut Jr. in his Captain America costume.  Thankfully it was easy to dig up our Davy Crocket costume from a couple years back.  The Lil' guy even survived trick-or-treating.

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