Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fail

Leave it to Americans to take something so completely indicative of our culture, like trick-or-treating and ruining it. Yeah, I'm talking 'bout you, trunk-or-treat.

Apparently our entire neighborhood met down at the local ward and passed out all their candy from the trunks of their cars. We didn't get that memo. Here we were with a tub of candy and our kids all dressed up waiting for their friends, who ditched them for the easy pay off.

Whatever happened to the true spirit of Halloween? When we were kids, we had to work for our tricks-or-treats. We walked from door to door in the bitter cold. We lived in the country too, where houses were more than a stones throw apart. If we were lucky our mom or dad would drive alongside and we could hitch a ride if the next house was more than an acre away. There wasn't any of this one stop shopping kind of Halloween. What is happening to America?

Wingnut ended up escorting our youngest three through the neighborhood. They scored some candy, but for the most part, the trunk-or-treat crowd had to raid their pantries for juice boxes and Doritos to hand out to stragglers that missed out on the parking lot gig.

I have pictures to post later today. Even if the neighborhood was a bit of a Halloween fail, the kids still enjoyed themselves and they were awfully cute. If I could just stay away from the left over tub of sugar. . . Print Friendly and PDF

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Anne-Marie said...

We have a friend whose teenage friends used to go around the neighbourhood on November 1st, holding open pillowcases and offering to relieve you of the temptation of leftover candy. He says they got way more candy than on Halloween, and without dressing up!