Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Movie Review: The Artist

Wingnut and I watched The Artist on Netflix over the weekend.  It's the first Oscar winning film I've watched since The Return of the King.  Hollywood and I don't agree on much.  That being said, I had heard this was a truly good movie and I'd been looking forward to seeing it.  I wasn't sure if a black and white silent film could impress this thoroughly modern mommy, but it really did.  It is a wonderfully enjoyable, watchable, and lovely movie.

The real question was whether a modern actor could take on the challenge of acting in a silent film.  French actor Jean Dujardin was perfect as the soon to be obsolete silent film star, George Valentin.  The Artist recalls the fate of many silent film stars who's careers were ended with the advent of talking pictures.  Silent stars slipped from the screen as new exciting stars emerged with the arrival of movie sound: this is the story of George Valentin and Peppy Miller, played by Berenice Bejo.  As Peppy's star rises, George's fame and fortune fades.  Will he be able to resurrect his career?

It is suggested George is a bit of a philanderer. This along with a profane hand gesture, and I'm sure at least one profanity can be deciphered in the pantomime, leads me to recommend this film for older teens and adults. The MPAA gives The Artist a PG-13 rating and the USCCB gave the film an A-III (adults only).

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