Monday, November 5, 2012

On Why I'm not Voting for Either Candidate

Yes, you read that correctly.  I'm "throwing away" my vote on a third party candidate tomorrow.  I'm doing this #1 because I can, as I am quite sure Mitt Romney will win here in Utah and #2 I want to cast my vote for a candidate I can trust and believe in; a candidate that most lines up with my views as a voter.

I do realize there are only two possible outcomes to the election tomorrow.  Believe me, I am praying the Romney/Ryan ticket is victorious but they do not need my vote.  I'm sure I do not need to enumerate the reasons President Obama will not win my vote.  Realistically, I don't believe things will change much if Romney does win.  He's a big government man, quite adept at protecting his political hide.

His economic plan, while better than Obama's, only serves to push the inevitable fiscal collapse of our country down the road a few years more.  He's promised to repeal Obamacare, but I don't think he will be able to and even if he could repeal it, he would likely "need" to replace it with some other big government healthcare plan.  He's promised to appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court, but I don't trust he understands what that truly means.  He has proven to be the kind of politician willing to shift with the prevailing winds (immigration, gun control, tax cuts, big money in politics, and even abortion).

I do have hope he will uphold religious freedom and that he will repeal the HHS mandate.  I do believe he will serve our country well and will reestablish our reputation as a powerful nation that does not bow to tyranny.

Instead of voting for either mainstream party, I will be voting Constitution Party down the line.  The Constitution Party is pro-life, without exception.  The Constitution Party is 100% behind our national defense and supportive of the military.  The Constitution Party will protect the 2nd Amendment and supports educational freedom. The Constitution Party stands by the Constitution line by line.

I love this quote from their national headquarters:

"A person's vote is truly wasted when he does not use it to express his genuine beliefs.  A lesser of two evils vote only leads to politicians to act as though they have a mandate to move forward with an agenda that all to often hastens the destruction of our country."

Don't get me wrong, if Romney were in any danger of losing here, he would get my vote.  It would be a horrific evil to have Obama remain in the White House.  However, because I can, I'm taking Dr. Alan Keyes lead and casting my vote according to the "Platform Republican Approach".

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Sophie Miriam said...

One of my friends posted this in his facebook status this morning. I don't necessarily agree with all of it, but I did find it interesting:

"OK Catholic friends, here goes: First, I totally get the third party thing. Really. Neither ticket has come anywhere near cornering the market on Catholic social teaching, and we can expect that either will pursue policies which are morally abhorrent. But, of course, so would any third party candidate; such is the nature of our democracy. We can and must pursue *incremental* change toward a more moral and decent republic. If you really think a third party is the answer (again, a view to which I'm sympathetic), then voting for a third candidate who has not a chance does nothing to bring that about. You can't sit around for 4 years, then vote for Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode and say "Ha! I showed them!" You've shown nothing. Want a third party? Work for it. Organize. Yeah it's tough and the deck's stacked against you, but only once a third candidate becomes viable through the grassroots is it worth spending a vote on him. Until then, you have two choices.

And that is not really a choice. One candidate has indicated that the Church must subsume its sacred moral teaching to the whims of the state in order to participate in civil society. So that's that."

Dawn said...

Here's the problem. What is the Constituion party? How did you hear about it? I did research on Gary Johnson but had not heard of this party. Virgil Goode was a write in candidate on our ballot with a bunch of other crazy folks. I had no idea about. In fact, I had not seen the write in's until I got to the polls.

Michelle said...

Since I live in Florida, I had to vote Romney. I also think there is a clear choice here between an imperfect good (mostly in favor of restricted abortion) and an evil (abortion and infanticide are perfectly acceptable). I have voted in the past for third party candidates, especially in NJ where the republican candidate was pro-choice, often, and "conservative" applied only to fiscal policies. But I agree that a Romney win only kicks the can of socialism down the road a little ways.

Tonya said...

Being in a swing state, I had to vote Romney. I didn't really mind, politics really isn't my thing. But I agree with all the problems you have with him!!!