Monday, August 27, 2012

The Plan 2012/2013

I'm really looking forward to beginning another school year next week.  This will be our 14th year of homeschooling!  Can you believe it?  This promises to be a great year, and one that is much more simple for me, as we are homeschooling only three of our kids.

As promised the following is the proposed plan for this coming year:

Math:  All three children will continue using Saxon Math.  We've had truly great results using Saxon and I haven't yet seen the need to switch to anything else.  Wingnut Jr.  will be taking Math 2,  Special K will be using Saxon's Math 65, and Skoshi A will be taking Algebra I.

English/Language Arts:  All three will once again be using Seton's workbooks for basic grammar.  They will also continue using Spelling Power for spelling and Vocabulary from Classical Roots at their respective grade levels.

Literature:  Wingnut Jr. loves the Faith and Freedom Readers from Seton and so we'll continue reading from that series.  He's currently reading at a late 3rd grade to early 4th grade level, not too shabby.  Special K will be reading Father Brown and King of the Golden City from Catholic Heritage Curricula and will also read some short stories from a Hewitt Homeschool series.  Skoshi A enjoyed Lightening Literature from Hewitt Homeschool and will continue in that series for 8th grade.  She'll be reading classic poetry and short stories as well as The Hobbit, Treasure Island, My Family and Other Animals, A Christmas Carol, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Writing:  Wingnut Jr. will be putting down his thoughts in his very own keepsake journal from Catholic Heritage Curricula entitled What Do You Like to Do? Special K will be using the beloved Story Starters: Helping Your Child Write Like They Never Have Before.  Skoshi A will complete WriteShop 1 and may move on to WriteShop 2 by the end of the year.

Science:  Wingnut Jr. and Special K loved the Behold and See: Human Body and Health from CHC and so we are going to use the next book in the Behold and See series, which appears to be a more general science curriculum.  Skoshi A will use Concepts and Challenges this year with the third and final book in the series.

History:  As usual, I'm most excited about history this year.  We are continuing our chronological study of history, exploring the Renaissance, Reformation, Counter-Reformation, and Age of Exploration.  We're using a new program, that once again is literature based, from TruthQuest.  I love the layout, and flexibility of this program and I'm so looking forward to seeing what subjects most interest the kids.  This is by far my favorite history time period and I'm hoping the kids are as captivated by it as I am. Perusing through the loose lesson plans, TruthQuest does have a particular protestant lean, but it should be fairly simple for Wingnut and I to enhance the program with more Catholic resources.

Art/Music:  Skoshi A will continue studying the Artistic Pursuits series, working on the second book in the Junior High offering.  Wingnut Jr. and Special K will link art and history.  We're hoping to study some of the greatest artists the Renaissance had to offer as well as produce artistic works in their particular styles.  We'll be using Discovering Great Artists alongside our history study.  Wingnut Jr. and Special K have also expressed a desire to return to taking piano lessons.  A young man down the street is offering very affordable lessons and we may just give him a try.

Religion:  This will be the first year the kids have not been enrolled in a parish CCD program.  Our parish is quite a hike and CCD is held at very inconvenient times for us this year so I will be providing all of their religious education at home.  I'm leaning toward using the Faith and Life Series online as well as the Apostolate's Family Catechism.  I've also enrolled the girls in a bi-monthly Little Flowers Club to encourage not only service to Christ and His Church, but some new friendships with girls their age that share their faith.

Physical Education:  We'll be looking more into dance for the girls, once the JayP is finally licensed to drive.  Wingnut Jr. has expressed an interest in the local organized sports like basketball and baseball.  We'll also be training together for a fun run, hopefully this fall.

So there, in a nutshell, is the plan.  Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, pray for our family and for our upcoming school year! Print Friendly and PDF

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good luck with the school year!! When I heard the public schools health program for 7th grade, why the pill is good for all girls, I knew I should have home schooled...
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