Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Bourne Legacy: Movie Review

If you are a fan of the Bourne movies, you will not be disappointed with this action packed spin-off. If you've never seen a Bourne movie, it is not a prerequisite to enjoying Bourne Legacy, but as the story runs parallel to The Bourne Ultimatum, having seen the series will add to the enjoyment of watching this flick.

The DOD's black ops programs continue to expand despite the Jason Bourne catastrophe. Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) is one of nine new operatives for Operation Outcome. In an attempt to exert better control over their operatives, the program issues meds and evaluates blood work on a regular basis. When exposure of the black ops programs threatens the DOD's image and budget, Ret. Col. Eric Byer ( Edward Norton) shuts down the program terminating all operatives. Cross escapes termination, but heavily dependent upon the meds he's been receiving he tracks down Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz), who was one of the researchers attached to the project and who is also in danger of being assassinated for her involvement in the program. Together they flee in search of answers and safety.

Like the previous films, there are twists and turns, intrigue, and a great need for suspension of disbelief. At times the story is clunky and difficult to follow. The casting and acting were extremely well done. Jeremy Renner plays a great "Bourne-like" hero and Edward Norton was especially good as the heavy-handed DOD black ops official. Action packed and fast moving it is a fun summer flick, and not much more. Because of occasional profanity and pervasive violence, I would recommend this film for more mature teens and adults. The USCCB gives The Bourne Legacy an AIII-- for adults. Print Friendly and PDF