Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Missing Her Already

My sweet Oleander left early this morning to return to the East Coast.  She's meeting up with the Sisters and other Aspirants in New York and then they are all heading to New Hampshire for three weeks of hiking, camping, and prayer called Convivencia.  The Aspirancy will then return to Avondale and almost immediately begin their academic year.

It was wonderful to have her home for a few weeks this summer, but it is so hard to see her go.  It may be 5 months before we see her again.  I miss her already.

Health wise she has completely recovered from her bout of Lyme's disease and has been symptom free for more than 3 weeks.  She can't wait to see her doc in Pennsylvania in late August so she can show her that indeed anti-depressants were definitely unnecessary.

Keep our little girl in your prayers.  It can't be easy to pursue a vocation at such a young age in the world today.  It certainly hasn't been easy letting her go. Print Friendly and PDF

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