Thursday, August 30, 2012

{P, H, F, R} Aug 30

round button chicken


You know, I just realized, it's not that the sky is so much prettier here, but that we have so much open space so that we can see the picturesque clouds.


Skoshi A became our 4th teenager on the 18th of this month.  Happy birthday, monkey girl!


Lil' Lamb has discovered he can avoid having his photo taken.  I spent an evening trying to chase him down and get him to smile for me.  He would only comply from behind the tree branch.


Wingnut Jr., as smart as he is, still cannot tie his own shoes.  He really struggles with fine motor skills.  I found this great make-your-own-shoe-tie- practice-board on Pinterest.  He has been working on it every day this week and he is improving rapidly.  Our goal is to have him independently tying his own shoes for Mass on Sunday.  I think he may make it.

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Sarah Scherrer said...

Happy birthday to your 4th teenager! You've got us beat by one (we have 3 teenagers and 3 who are younger). What kind of cake is that?!?

Maurisa said...

It's a cherry chocolate chip cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate covered marshino cherries on top :)

Leila said...

Love that look of dogged perseverance on the shoe-tier's face! :)