Tuesday, June 15, 2010


--Stat Boy and I just returned from our first funeral Mass. Msgr.'s father passed away last week and Msgr. requested his altar boys serve the Mass. It was a touching and beautiful celebration. I think there was at least a dozen priests concelebrating. What a wonderful grace. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord. And let perpetual light shine upon him. May the soul of Arthur Eugene Parry rest in peace.

--Normally we do not tell folks we are expecting so early in a pregnancy, but we really felt we needed our children to know. We knew they would pray constantly for their new sibling. We also knew they couldn't keep it secret for long, so we let them tell their friends. News travels VERY fast. I had several people congratulate us at the funeral today.

--Nausea is my constant companion. Whoever coined the term "morning sickness" must have been a man. Mine begins at about 10 am and lasts the whole stinking day. It's at the worst in the evening. I'm not having any cravings, but I'm not having aversions either. I'm counting all the little blessings.

--Lil' Wingnut has a suggestion for a baby name: Gaggory. We're pretty sure he means Gregory.

--Special K left me a little list of her suggestions for renaming the blog: "Half a Dozen + 1", "No More Half a Dozen", and "Half a Dozen +2". The last one is just in case we have twins.

--Today is my Dad's birthday. Hope you have a very happy and blessed birthday, Dad. You're the best! One of my fondest memories is when you were teaching me to drive and I backed the Datsun into a tree. You got out. Walked around the back of the car and just shrugged your shoulders and that was it. We didn't even tell Mom and just let her discover it on her own. That memory always makes me smile. I don't know why.

--I believe the Holy Spirit is prodding me to be more consistent with our family rosary. When the children were little, we very rarely missed praying the rosary before bedtime. Over the last couple years, because of evening activities, we've become a little more lax and sometimes will miss praying a rosary several times a week. This weekend I had two separate families tell us that they pray their family rosaries because of our example. One family had not even met us yet, but had heard about us through a mutual friend. Wow, you never know how your family might influence others. I suddenly feel a great responsibility to these families to keep our rosaries going. Dr. Mary Kay Clark spoke at the IHM Conference on Friday. She also encourages a family rosary saying, "You cannot be a Catholic homeschooling family and not pray the rosary." Ok, Holy Spirit, I hear you.
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Tonya said...

How far along are you? I was wondering if you had waited to tell. We will also be praying for you! I dreamed last night that I was pregnant with you. I wasn't thrilled, but was happy to be prego w/ you again. Miss you!

Sarah Oldham said...

Now I feel guilty about not praying the family rosary. I could never get any of these chumps to get with the program. Pray for us! I pray the rosary daily (some times I forget, but it's not often I forget).

Dawn said...

Congratulations Maurisa! That's great news! I'm sorry to hear about the nausea..I'll keep you in prayer. Family rosary..we were good about that for a little while..Mallu mom and her family have inspired me to start it back up. It is definitely a "good thing".

aka the Mom said...

Hooray for the Half Dozen's "Plus One". Wonderful news.