Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Sacred Duty of Parenthood

This post may come across as harsh and unsympathetic, but please bear with me. Two beautiful, young women are dead. They are dead because a monster took their lives, unfortunately, a portion of the blame for the death of these two women must be laid at the feet of their own parents.

For Natalie Holloway and Stefany Flores there was a lapse in the protection their parents should have provided. There was a failure on the part of their parents in safeguarding their innocence and reputations. What else could explain why a young 18 year old would have no qualms about downing multiple shots of rum and then leave her friends and chaperones for the beach with a stranger? How else does one explain why a lovely 21 year old young woman would enter a stranger's hotel room, alone?

We are failing our daughters. Permissive parenting, lack of supervision, and outright negligence in protecting their innocence is putting our children's lives at risk. There will always be monsters, but we need to stop making it so easy for them to prey upon our children.

I am truly sorry the Holloways and Flores lost their beautiful daughters. I cannot even fathom the suffering they must be going through, but I refuse to stand by and permit my own daughters to be victims because of my own negligence in sheltering them. It is our sacred duty to shield and defend our children's innocence, for as long as we are able.
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Natalie said...

I agree. I'm sure I'll find the balance one day of how to preserve their innocnece and how to educate them on the monsters out there. It is a scary thought, but there are also parents who do everything parents should, and the child makes a bad decision that unfortunatly cost those two young girls their lives. I learned early that my life is my personal responsibility because my parents did raise me well so I know I could never blame them for any bad decisions I made. I feel so sorry for those families.

I would like to blame our "live in the now" and "it's all about me" society that basically promotes no consequences for bad decisions.

aka the Mom said...

I agree 100% Whenever I hear of Natalee Hollaway, I always wonder why her parents would send that young girl to a foreign country on a trip where drinking and sex are the point. It just makes no sense to me as a mom.

Michelle said...

I was a stupid young woman and I am glad I somehow made it to a mature adulthood. I do blame my parents for not doing a better job of protecting me, for not raising me better. They had the words and the rules, but not the ability to truly get through my thick wooden head. I intend to do a much better job with my three gorgeous and bull-headed daughters.