Sunday, June 27, 2010

Look Who's Four!

I can't believe my lil' guy is 4 years old! He has been so cute about his birthday. For breakfast he had his absolute favorite treat: DOUGHNUTS! His godparents are coming to celebrate with us later today and I'll post pictures of his party and the awesome Oreo Birthday Cake.

Happy birthday, Lil' Wingnut! We are so blessed you are a part of our family. You have brought a ray of sunshine and frequent laughter at your antics into our lives. We hope 4 is just as wonderful as 3!
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maxbrucewell said...




Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lil' Wingnut!


Seahawkfan said...

Happy Birthday Psycho B!! (haha i spelled psycho correctly!! and i just said correctly instead of right! what is wrong with me!?) you are doing a great job in following my giant footsteps and hopfully you continue to be as awesome as me!! haha i am commenting b4 my demented old uncle lol haha!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the coolest brother ever! There are so many things I love about you, Lil' Wingy: how you're always very willing to play Star Wars or spar with me (because my other brother is too scared to fight me, LOL), your fluffy hair, your sweet demeanor, your funny giggle, your goofy facial expressions, your enormous amount of self-confidence, how you already know how to win the ladies, and how you respond to my cheery "Good morning, Lil' Guy!" with a huge scowl and a "NOT good morning" because I am a morning person and you clearly are not :)

I don't know how our family survived without you! You are such an awesome little bro!!! God has given you amazing gifts, and you are destined to do great things.


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