Tuesday, June 8, 2010

End of School Year Report

Whew! Another home school year down, and a fairly successful one at that!

Special K has become our next auto-didactic learner. She is reading independently and able to follow the instructions in her lessons with little or no supervision. We discovered she is a little math whiz and she absolutely loves science--especially anything related to weather or astronomy. We also learned the key to keeping her focused is a little protein in the morning right before school.

Skoshi A had a great year, as well. She made significant progress in math, spelling and piano. It is an absolutely rewarding experience when one of your children makes an exceptional leap in skills. She's also become quite a good little writer. We'll be sure to do more writing, especially journaling, next year.

Oleander was the first to finish her school year. She's a diligent and hard worker. I could just pile on the work and she could handle it no problem. She worked above her grade level in most every subject and did extremely well. She's a smarty.

Stat Boy may have had a rough beginning, but it was more attitude than ability. He and I were both a bit surprised as I worked on grades and transcripts yesterday to discover he ended the year with a 4.0! He has made a good start in high school, but we will need to bump up the number of subjects next year. In the end he only earned 6 credits for the year, and he needs a minimum of 28 total to graduate.

Karate Kid had her best year to date. This kid amazes me. She works so hard and takes her schooling so seriously, and it shows. She ended the year with a 4.18, took an AP exam, has progressed to the next level in the National Merit Scholarship selection process (top 50,000 scorers in the nation), and made a significant improvement in her SAT score (over 300 points improvement over her first attempt). We are hoping to enroll her in a couple college courses at the local community college during her senior year next year.

Yep, looking back on our year, it turned out to be very productive. Home school life is good!
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Natalie said...

Sounds good! Maybe Skoshi A could have her own blog for writing or a combined effort so all the kids could write little entries. I always find it interesting to read how kids see their world. Just an idea to throw out there. =)

Party of Nine said...

Yeah!!! And Congratulations to Mom and Dad for a great year :)

maxbrucewell said...

You and Chris put a great effort in and the kids get a great result! That is true value!
Congratulations to all Ben too!


The Grand Max Paw