Monday, June 28, 2010

Photos from Birthday Week

From June 20 to June 27 we celebrate three birthdays. My birthday is sandwiched between my two boys.

Stat Boy was on retreat in Steubenville until the evening of his 15th birthday. He had a homemade Oreo Cake and a party waiting for him when he got home.

Karate Kid made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for my birthday. This is my absolute favorite. My grandma used to make this for me for every one of my birthdays while I was living at home. Karate Kid used Alton Brown's carrot cake recipe, with a couple modifications (she used sheep's milk yogurt instead of cow's milk yogurt). She used Cook's Illustrated's cream cheese frosting recipe. I let Lil' Wingnut have a small slice, even though it had cream cheese in the frosting. He managed ok, but had a bit of a belly ache the next day. I have yet to come up with a substitute in recipes for cream cheese. :( BTW, this was the best carrot cake I've ever had--sorry GG!
Lil' Wingnut had a Mint Oreo birthday cake. I put a little mint extract in the white frosting and used mint flavored NewmanO's. I can't imagine a lil' guy being more excited about turning four. He was so incredibly cute all day.

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Walt said...

Hey Mau,

Now that the onslaught of birthdays has passed in your home the real celebration can begin. Preparation for the most important birthday on the planet...mine! I hope you are planning on baking me a beautiful cake and eating it in my honor. I can still taste those wonderful wings you made for my I'm expecting you to raise the bar and send some wonderful food next day air...or fly out yourself for a couple of days and cook for me...why...because it will be the most important birthday of the year!!!!

Love Ya Mau!


Ute said...

I was just thinking about Alton Brown's carrot cake!! It really is the best carrot cake ever. I made it for my son's first birthday party and we love it ever since.