Where's the Brotherly Love?

I cut an orange into wedges for Lil' Wingnut the other day. As he was munching down on his fruit, Stat Boy came into the kitchen and sat down at the table with him. As he reached across the table to grab an orange wedge, Lil' Wingnut flew into a rage, "Those are mine! Don't take any!" I jumped into the fray and let the lil' guy know the oranges were for everyone and he needed to share. To no avail. He continued to wail and threaten his older brother for taking "his" oranges. I walked over to the table and moved the plate holding said oranges away from Lil' Wingnut and in front of his older brother. "These oranges are now Stat Boy's," I said, "We'll see if he will share with you." Of course, Stat Boy chose to share his oranges with his little brother.

In the van on the way home from piano lessons yesterday, Lil' Wingnut declared he was hungry. I offered to cut up some oranges for him to snack on while I made dinner. He thoughtfully considered my offer before asking,"Will Stat Boy be home? I really don't want to share."

I'm trying to decide if it is funny or sad, how our sinful nature can make even the smallest of us incredibly ugly.


Walter said…
Hey Mau,

First of all LW is right. Those were his orange slices! Nevermind that he didn't pay for them, pick them or provide any real means to procure them...those were his! Second, Stat Nut can't just bully his way into the kitchen, push over his brother and steal those orange slices. They are LW's, he is mad as heck and not going to take it anymore! How would you feel if you were the youngest, cutest and seen as the adorable one! It is a burden only LW can bear and he is trying to lay down the law...you recognize my plight as Mr. Cutiepie and show me the honor that I am due. By touching those orange slices Stat Nut was kicking Cutiepie in the face of LW. Or...its LW's sin nature coming to roost and he is lacking the desire to see his responsibility to the community around him!

Love Ya Mau

Your Bro
Anonymous said…
That is funny! LW is too cute, just don't let him know it. =)
Sam said…
the younger ones are all so spoiled...i am constantly disapointed+

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