Let's Pretend

Lil' Wingnut has a new game, a sweet little game. He calls it "Mom and Dad." In this game we pretend he is the dad and I am the mom. Simple enough. Not too much is required of me, other than I be engaged in the game, call him "dear," and repeat the lines he feeds me. Really this game is just him re-enacting scenes from our family life and it is a very telling and fascinating role play.

This is what I've derived from his game. First of all, he gets that his daddy loves me very much. In our game, the dad is very helpful and loving to the mom and is constantly asking her what she would like. Secondly, Lil' Wingnut sees his dad as off and on the go, constantly. He is either on a run, going to the store, heading to work, or flying an airplane somewhere. Yep, dad is one busy guy. Lastly, he sees Wingnut as having a VERY sweet tooth. His runs to the store always result in something sweet to eat; gummy worms, cheesecake, coke, cotton candy, and fruit smoothies. Granted, the gummy worms, coke, and cotton candy are all Lil' Wingnut's personal sweet preferences, it's still hilarious to watch his interpretation of dear ol' Dad .


Walter said…
Hey Mau,

I like to play "let's pretend" with my kids...this is how it goes with Sawyer: I say...Let's pretend that I like you or Let's pretend that you see all those clothes and stuff on your bedroom floor or (this is my favorite) Let's pretend that you want to be kind to your sisters. With Jaylee: Let's pretend you are happy with everything that I say to you or Let's pretend you want to use your quiet voice in all circumstances or Let's pretend you don't feel that everything is a competion between you and your siblings. Finally Abby: Let's pretend...wait we don't have to play this game with her...she already lives in the land of make believe and Mexican Froggies!

I love ya Mau!

Kristi said…
That is sweet:)

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