Small but Significant

This week's Small Successes:

1) We survived an incredibly busy weekend: Friday--Science Center, AAU Orientation; Saturday--CCD, Oratory with the nuns, grocery shopping; Sunday--Mass, ballet rehearsal, youth group; Plus we managed to fit in all three of our P90X workouts. I was so glad Monday came around.

2) If you fly with the Flylady, we were in the bedroom this week. I managed to wash all our bedding, between the 12 other loads of laundry we had this week. I love clean sheets!

3) As of today, we've successfully completed four weeks of school. It's going pretty well, with very little wailing and gnashing of teeth. I think the tone for the year has been set and we should have a wonderfully successful year.

Have any small successes? Head on over to Faith and Family Live and leave your link!


ViolinMama said…
I'm still playing catch up here today....thanks for sharing your week's better moments! They brighten my day!!! Much love!

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