Celebrating All Saints with The Sisters

The Sister Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara hold an annual All Saints party at their formation house. The Sisters really know how to throw a party. They had carnival games, a parade of Saints, prayed a litany of Saints before the Tabernacle, and had donuts, cookies, and other refreshments. Many of the Nuns dressed up as their favorite Saints as well. I am so thankful our family has been blessed by getting to know such a wonderful, flourishing, holy and happy order of nuns!

Lil' Wingnut showed the girls how it was done by eating a donut off a string in record time. He cracked the nuns up so much, I'm fairly certain they fed him at least 5 donuts by the end of the festivities.

This sister did a marvelous job with her Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta costume.

I'm not so sure about this sister. I mean, where exactly did she learn to play confidence games?

Sister Angela hammed it up as one of the Church's newest canonized saints, Saint Damien of Molokai.

Sister Meredith enjoyed helping Lil' Wingnut with the fishing game.


Walter said…
Hey Mau,

Is there anything more "Maxwell" than Lil' Wingy downing deep fried sugar infested dough in record time??? I don't think so. In fact, if he did not at least get close to the record we would have to convene a family meeting and discuss his place in the family name or excommunicate him to either the smith, jones or rumplestilskin family lines. I do understand that StatNut probably did not participate in that game because if he did he would swallow ALL of the competitors doughnuts with his own in one bite. Seeing all of the sisters dressed up like their favorite Saints must of been a hoot...I wonder what Saint I would have dressed up like??? Either way I'm glad you and the gang had fun for All Saints!

Love ya Mau!


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