I Want Candy, All Natural Candy

Having Special K on her special diet put us in a spot when it comes to Halloween and "schwicker freeting" (as Lil' Wingnut would say). I am so glad I have smart and resourceful friends, like Mallu Mom from Moments of Grace. She suggested we take the kids "trick-or-treating" and then swap out Special K's goodies for all natural treats. Great idea! I found an online company that specializes in all natural candy. Their site is truly wonderful. All of their candy is categorized as organic, vegan, gluten-free, made in the USA, and/or being conducive to the Feingold diet. I ordered several different kinds of candy and the box came within a week. We sampled several different types of candies. They were really terrific! The kids especially liked the Frizz Fizzy candy. As far as cost goes, whenever you go all natural it seems the price increases, the Natural Candy Store is no exception. I spent quite a bit more than if I went with Tootsie Rolls or Kit-Kats or what have you, but Special K is worth it, don't you think?


Dawn said…
Very cool! Have you thought of making your own candy? It might be a little less expensive.
Maurisa said…
Dawn, My kids suggested making our own. I've made candy in the past. It is pretty labor intensive. I figure ordering candy once a year wouldn't be so bad compared to how long it would take to make our own.
Walter said…
Hey Mau,

Kitty Kat is soooooo worth it. But so is letter have one BIG meltdown a year. Think about it...we get one a week or sometimes if we are really "lucky" we get one a day. So come on sis where is your sense of adventure. Pony up the 2.50 per bag at WalMart and get the kitkats, almond joy and twix chuck full of additives, preservatives and other chemicals we cannot pronounce without help from a scientist. All natural candy is soooo unAmerican...even if it is made in the USA. Especially if it means Kitty Kat is kept from melting down...you are suppressing her freedoms as an American child!!!!
Let my Kitty Kat go Mau! (for those of you reading this who do not know me this is a total joke...for those of you who do...it isn't)

Love Ya Mau

Rob said…
maurisa here is a video on choosing healthy candie for halloween

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