Love Ya Bro!

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you may come across the comments my brother leaves in the combox. He is a pretty sarcastic, witty, and zany guy. Sometimes I write posts just to see what my brother will leave for me. Often his comments make me cringe, just a little, but in the end, he always leaves me laughing.

My brother and I were born thirteen months apart and prior to Roe vs Wade, but the nature of our coming into the world still left us in significant danger, if you know what I mean. I am so grateful our mom and dad chose life for us. I can't imagine a world without my brother in it. So, Walt, if you're reading this today, you are awesome and I love you, bro!

*P.S. My baby sister is pretty awesome too, but she deserves a post of her very own :-)
**P.S.S. I was not compensated in any way for writing this post.


Tonya said…
We all know you were paid to write that post, no matter what you say!

Abigail was looking over my shoulder, saw the picture under your "facebook" badge on the side and asked if it was you and your oldest daughter in the picture! :-)
Walter said…
Hey Mau!

I MAKE YOU CRINGE???? I can't see how since I majored in political correctness in college! Angela is pretty awesome but is not cool enough to have a post of her own! I will not share this huge stage with another person...especially HER! (hehehehe sorry Ang...just having fun). I am thankful and amazed at God's mercy on us both and eternally grateful to dad and mom for stepping up and parenting us not knowing how wonderful we would be!!! Thanks for the love on your blog Mau...NOW I AM A FAMOUS AMERICAN HERO!!!!! Keep the Blog rolling because I love following the life and times of my sis, neices, nephews and even the Big Wingy himself!!!! To all of you who read this blog and see my posts please note...*The opinions expressed by Walt Maxwell are strictly his own and are not endorsed by Maurisa, The Big Wingy, The Pope or any other person or entitiy (especially God). Those opinions cannot be reused, rebroadcast or even spoken out loud without the expressed written consent of Walt Maxwell, his agent or his dentist.

Love Ya Mau!
Thanks for the Love


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