I actually had to rack my brain for successes this week. Why do I feel like it was so unproductive? Thankfully, even the small stuff counts :-)

1) As of yesterday my hubby and I have completed our first full course of P90X. We begin a second helping today. The workouts are tough, but by the end of the 90 days, we were able to complete every workout in the series. Wingnut is considering doing doubles this time, I won't even consider it. It's been tough just carving out the 50 to 90 minutes a day for one workout. As far as results, I didn't lose a single pound, but my clothes are all much looser. I have much more muscle tone in my arms, stomach, and legs and overall I lost several inches. I decided not to adhere to my weight watchers regime for the 90 days, but this time through I may go ahead and add the diet to the exercise. We'll see how it goes.

2) I finally sewed the elastics on Oleander's pointe shoes for ballet. I felt terrible last week, when she was the only dancer without pointe shoes ready for class. She was so happy I finished them. Have I told you how much I hate sewing ribbons and elastic on pointe shoes? Argh!

3) I pulled Lil' Wingnut's carseat from the van and washed the cover and straps. His seat was filthy! Actually, I had to do this out of necessity, as he had a wee accident while I was driving other children from one activity to the next. I guess when he says he needs to go, he really needs to go.

What small stuff did you get done this week? Come post your link at Faith and Family Live.


Unknown said…
Great Job on the workouts!! I wish I had your motivation. Fabulous list of successes! Have a great weekend!
Sophie Miriam said…
Wow, that workout sounds totally exhausting.

I imagine Oleander could be taught to sew the elastics on her own pointe shoes, couldn't she? Or is it especially tricky or something? I'll admit I know next to nothing about ballet or ballet shoes.

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