Bonding Over Shoes

Shhhh. . . don't tell #3, but I think I have a girly girl in that one! Saturday she and I went to DSW while Skoshi A was at her two hour Nutcracker rehearsal. Oleander needed some appropriate shoes to wear with her dress clothes for Mass. Have you ever been to DSW? The place is shoe heaven!

While the girls are little, we buy two kinds of shoes to wear with their dresses, white sandals for summer and black Mary Jane's for winter. Having four girls, I have black Mary Jane's in every size imaginable. As my girls approach 12 years old they reach Mary Jane revolt and refuse to have anything to do with them. Oleander reached that milestone last winter and was able to wear a pair of hand me down dress shoes from Karate Kid, but Oleander's feet are currently the same size as mine and Karate Kid's. It's rather cool and convenient having the same sized feet as my daughters. We can all exchange shoes with each other as we see fit, except my two girls are not too keen on wearing heels of any kind at this point, maybe in a couple years.

Oleander and I decided we should try finding a cute little pair of ballet flats in a brown color. Between the three of us, we have plenty of black shoes, but not enough pairs of brown. DSW had dozens of ballet flats from which to choose. Oleander found the most adorable pair of bronze satin flats that will go with so many of her outfits.

The sweetest treat of all was listening to her describe our shoe quest to her younger sister on the way home. She remembered every pair of cute shoes she saw and described each one with glowing adjectives that would make any mother proud. I do love my boys, but there is nothing like bonding with my daughters over a pair of shoes!


Party of Eleven said…
How wonderful! What a great bonding experience. Also, thanks for the tips on the shoes. I still need to get some nice Church shoes for my 9 year old.
Tonya said…
Miss you guys ...
Your Bro said…
Hey Mau!

I know...bonding over shoes is the most wonderful and adorable thing any mother...wait...I'm not a mother...I think I'm going to get ill. Granted, I love my Little O and I know no one under the sun deserves new shoes than her. But could you see me with Sawyer having the "shoe" discussion??? "Hey bud how about them Nikes?" They will so go with your skateboard shirt and my Vader Was Framed shirt. LET'S SHARE!!! Disgusting! I don't want his or any other child's gnarly feet anywhere near my shoes!!! I don't care if having the same size of feet as my son doubles my potential accessorization of my wardrobe!!! This is how our shoe conversation goes...
Sawyer: "Dad I need new skate shoes."
YourBro:"Why...I just bought you new shoes 2 months ago?"
Sawyer:"Those weren't skate shoes they were for P.E."
YourBro: "Whatever...wait until pay day".
At the shoe store...
YourBro:"Those the shoes you want?"
Sawyer: "Yep"
YourBro: "OK...they had better last for more than 2 months!"
Sawyer:"They will"
YourBro: "I'll believe it when I see it"
Sawyer: "Whatever Dad!"
Bonding over...a definite hallmark moment!!!

Love Ya Mau!

momto5minnies said…
Oh my ... I can certainly sympathize. We go through Mary Jane revolt by 7. It's all about the black ballet flats now. I wonder what the next style will be?

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