Rob said…
Mercola Rocks. Spread the word sister.
I see were our fearless leader has Delcared Swine Flu a national emergency. watch for more forced vaccines.
A shot or two of espresso every morning is all you need to stay healthy
Katie said…
Yes, the whole national emergency thing is scary. I just sent a letter to my delegates and Obama to ask to revoke it. I like Mercola too. He usually has some good info. We have been getting his newsletter for years.
Sarah - Kala said…
All Mercola is asking is to use common sense.
I'm reading that book about compulsory education in America which basically (so far) explains the point of it: to dumb down the kids and make them servants, in not too many words. It is appalling that today literacy levels are rock bottom across the board in the U.S. and has continued to drop the more time and money kids spend in our schools. Something is not adding up and it makes me angry! We need to keep the freedom to keep our kids!
Sarah - Kala said…
My point in saying that is that look how many just believe every little thing the gov't tells them. H1N1 is not a national emergency by a long stretch.
Walter said…
Hey Mau,

I had H1N1 and boy howdy did it suck...but a national emergency??? Not so much! It was only because a person of my magnitude having it was a national time of mourning!!!

Love ya Mau


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