Since our home was broken into in April, Angela has been camping out in Katerina's upstairs bedroom.  Who can blame her?  Even Nadja refuses to sleep in the guest room downstairs.  She's usurped the boys room and the little boys have been sleeping on the floor when she comes for the weekend.  This is a huge problem and I am irked some creep has this much power over our peace of mind.

The little boys share a room which currently has only a twin bed.  For several weeks they have alternated between sleeping on the floor and fighting for space on a dinky bed.  On the nights they share the twin, one usually ends up on the floor and then inevitably in our bed.  We need to find a solution soon before one of them ends up injured.  A queen sized mattress is much too big for that room.  With the fan hanging so low, a bunk bed is out of the question.  The trundle bed frame in Katerina's room is much too girly.

Right now the solution to our problem is to move the two girls into the basement, at least at night.  They'll share the queen sized bed in Angela's room and hopefully will find comfort having each other.  I pulled the mattress off of the trundle and put it directly on the floor in the boys' room and they have decided to take turns sleeping on the "big" bed.  Hopefully I can find a decent used trundle frame through KSL in the next several weeks.  And hopefully, the peeper/intruder will be arrested soon.  I'm sick of him holding us hostage.


Anonymous said…
Have you heard anything from the police? I'm sorry your family is still recovering from the invasion.
Maurisa said…
No word from the police. I am sure you and I know why. Sigh.
Jennie C. said…
What?! That's terrible!
Continued prayers for your family's peace and that there will be an arrest very soon!!!
Rae-Lynne said…
You can try a half high, L shaped bunk bed. Keep bed A very low--almost trundle. Then put a raised bed above it. Kid A only needs enough room to get his legs under bed b...so less than 3 feet. It kills under the bed storage but may work.

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