Kingdom Animalia: Lesson 2

Continuing the lesson plans I wrote for an animal science unit for elementary students--

Lesson 2:  Animal Taxonomy

Read Come Learn With Me: Kingdoms of Life p. 12-13

Learn and memorize animal taxonomy divisions:








You might employ a mnemonic to help with memorization--Kevin's poor cow only feels good sometimes.

Go to  and explore the website.

Project:  Using poster board make an animal classification poster.  This is where having a nice assortment of Safari Ltd. Toob animals would come in handy.  For this project draw a large triangle from top to bottom on the poster board and then divide the triangle into 7 horizontal sections. Label the sections with the taxonomy divisions.  The largest section being Kingdom and the smallest section being Species.  Place all the animals on the Kingdom section.  Tell your student, "This is Kingdom Animalia." Have your child select their favorite animal and move to the next section Phylum (if you are able, select all the animals which would belong in the same phylum).  Continue moving your child's selected animal down the pyramid until you reach genus and species.  At this point you might do an internet search for the selected animal and learn the latin scientific name with usually begins with it's genus name and the species.

For example: A tiger would be part of the Kingdom Animalia; Pylum Chordata (all animals with back bones); Class Mammalia (all mammals); Order Carnivora (all meat eaters); Family Felidae (all cats); Genus Panthera (basically all large cats); Species P. tigris and therefore it's scientific name is Panthera tigris.

Objectives: Student will be able to list in order the divisions of animal taxonomy.  With parental guidance, student will be able to use internet websites as a tool in classifying and identifying different species of animals.


Thank you for doing this Maurisa! This is a project we've been wanting to do for a while!

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