{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} May 7


Everything is in bloom here in the valley.  The air is permeated with the sweet scent of tree blossoms.


Katerina turned 13 this last week.  She had a Japanese themed party complete with sushi for dinner and a piece of sushi shaped cake, as well as a slumber party with 6 of her friends.  I can't believe we have yet another teenager in the house!


The chicks have provided hours upon hours of entertainment for us all.  Leo loves giving them worms dug up from the garden and then watching them go crazy fighting over it.


One of the draw backs of country living is septic troubles.  Our system backed up on us over the weekend.  We've pumped, but there is a block in the line somewhere.  The line is dug up and I'm having it jetted out today and hopefully that will solve our problem.  I can't imagine anything more fun than cleaning raw sewage out of a utility closet. Sigh.

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Mary said…
Our chicks keep my girls so occupied, I can't imagine what we did before we had them!
Septic trouble - I can relate and Ew. Hope its fixed.
I would love to be able to have chicks sometime- I know our kiddos would love them!
Anonymous said…
Haha. That seems like such a boy thing to do. I love it.
Jennie C. said…
Ah, we, too, have septic trouble. Fun, fun, fun. And smelly. I think we're going to add a second tank at the end of the leach lines, and then more leach lines. Gives the husband something to do with his backhoe, right? ;-)
Chere Mama said…
Hi Maurisa,
Love your Japanese cake! Fun!
Have a great week.
Birthday Blessings to Katerina! Sorry about the septic trouble, hope it's all fixed now! The chicks are adorable, my girls would enjoy that too!

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