{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} May 28


Wildflowers and garden flowers are blooming all around.  I came across a lovely field of blue flax wildflowers the other day.  I also downloaded a super cool wildflower identification app, specific to Utah, which is how I know these are blue flax :)

My bleeding hearts are in bloom.  


No, our chicks are not laying eggs already.  These are eggs from the neighbors' chickens.  While they are out of town, Angela is taking care of their chickens and goats.  She is paid in eggs and a bit of cash.  She brought home 31 eggs one morning.  I've been making a lot of egg dishes--quiches, custard pies, mayonnaise, etc.


Leo was chillaxin' against a tree just enjoying the day.


While we haven't had the flooding Texas and Oklahoma have had, it has been raining nearly everyday this May.  The Weather Service as said we've had more rain this May than the last three Mays combined.  That is awesome for our yard and garden and will help with replenishing our reservoirs. Our yard and garden are full of little mushrooms from all the moisture.

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Chere Mama said…
Hi Maurisa! I love your bleeding hearts, and although I gasped in awe every time I saw your blog picture of the mountains in the sun, the flowers are just as amazing! Enjoy your eggs!!!

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