Teaching Moments

While on our quickie winter vacation, we had breakfast in one of the resort's many restaurants.  The waitress had left kid menus with both the boys and four color crayons at Leo's place setting.  Ben wanted to color his menu and work the puzzles while we waited for our food, but Leo was very reluctant to share any of the crayons with his older brother.

"Leo, you need to share," I told him.

He begrudgingly handed over the yellow crayon and covered his face with his hands to pout.

"Leo, don't you remember what we've been learning? God wants you to share.  Don't you want to make God happy?" I admonished him.

He sighed, "Yes."

"I think you should give Ben one of your favorite colors.  That would make God really happy."

"Yellow is one of my favorite colors!" He huffed.

Yeah, sure it is (insert eye-roll).  We have a lot more work to do with this one.  Honestly, it's moments like these that cause me to ask myself, "Do I really give my best to God and to my family? Am I willing to sacrifice my favorite things in service to God and others?"  As parents, this is something we should not only be teaching our children, but modeling for them as well.   Let's endeavor to give our best to God as Lent comes to a close and Holy Week draws us into the Passion of our Lord.


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