Friday, March 6, 2015


Today I have three adult children. Yikes! When did that happen?  I couldn't possibly be that old!

Olivia celebrates her 18th birthday today away from home for the 4th year in a row.  I had really hoped she would be here this year, but she and God had other plans.  So from afar, happy birthday to my sunshine!  We love and miss you and hope you have a most wonderful and blessed day celebrating with the sisters.

No baby pictures this year.  I couldn't find any on this computer and my scanner is not cooperating.  This is Ollie at 4 years old.  She was a real girly girl.

Ollie with baby Katerina.  She absolutely loved all of her baby siblings.

My girly-girl's 6th birthday.  Every girl needs to be a mermaid at least once.

She was a lovely little ballerina for many years; up until she left for the aspirancy.

For her 7th birthday she began having a preference for pie rather than cake.

On the day of her First Holy Communion with our pastor, Father Charles Parry.

Ollie's 10th birthday, she still enjoyed dressing up as a princess.

A glamor photo shoot I convinced her to do for me when she was about 13.  I love this photo. Once she became a teen, she was much more camera shy.  This is a typical shy photo of our lovely girl.

Olivia on her Confirmation with her godfather Rob and her sponsor, Sister (now Mother) Aeiparthenos.

This was taken the day she left for the aspirancy school in Pennsylvania.  There were many tears shed by Angela and Ben and mom.

This was taken on our first visit to Olivia in PA.

Olivia was inspired to enter the aspirancy by our dear friend Rinju, who was in the minor seminary for the IVE.  He is now in the major seminary for the IVE in DC, studying for the priesthood.

We had so much fun visiting the sisters and the aspirants in PA.

I love this photo of Ollie, taken when she was about 15.

This is a fav too. I took this while we were visiting GG in Spokane.  Olivia has an infectious laugh and a wonderful sense of humor.

She loves her siblings.

Ollie was Angela's sponsor when Angela was Confirmed this last spring.   I was so proud of both of them.

Now Sister Olivia on the day of her entrance as a postulant, just a few weeks ago.  Pictured with Mother Ephesus (her superior at the aspirancy) and Sister Clemente (her former classmate at the aspirancy)

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Our Family said...

Happy Birthday Sr. Olivia. I still remember trying to take the photo R & O

Anonymous said...

Missionaries in the Bronx.

-Br. R

Maurisa said...

You were there too?! It sounded like a lot of fun and a very productive mission. I know she really enjoyed working with the little kids' oratory. Praying for you, Br. R!

Kim Paradiso said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Her and my youngest share a birthday! Praying for you Maurisa--from a mother's heart perspective, I understand how much you must miss her. God bless you all.

Chere Mama said...

What a happy post!!! I especially like those girly cupcakes on her 6th birthday. I so understand missing her on your part, Maurisa. It is always bittersweet when they get older.