Mid-Lent Reality Check

We are just about at the half way point of Lent. Time for a Lenten reality check.

As a family we've committed to 30 minutes of personal, silent prayer or spiritual reading a day.  My kids have amazed me.  I thought I'd hear at least the tiniest bit of grumbling and complaining, but no. They have not only embraced the challenge, a few of them even complete it on their own without being reminded.  Leo truly looks forward to it, running into my room gleefully awaiting the next book in the Catholic Treasure Box Series.  He's even saying the included prayers in a very sweet and sincere way.  I'm strongly considering continuing this habit after Lent. I could not be more pleased with my kiddos.

I, on the other hand, continue to struggle.  Most everyday I can think of another way I could be spending that 30 minutes that somehow seems more important than praying.  Wow, I really need to rethink my priorities, no?  While I have diligently stuck to the commitment, I wish I did not think of it as such a chore.  I wish I had the same exuberance my children are showing. God, please give me the grace!

I've been reading late Father Neuhaus' book Catholic Matters.  What a great book.  He had such a great style in his writing which is so engaging and interesting.  I wonder what he would have written about Francis' papacy.

Since giving up my one huge time sucker, I have really gotten so much done around here.  I am really seeing how I've been keeping my head buried and allowing chaos to reign around here.  We've reorganized pantries, cupboards, and drawers.  We've deep cleaned several bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and living areas and we've stayed on top of keeping them clean and have not allowed chaos to take over once again.  I really do need to rethink my time sucker.  As much as I enjoy it, I need to exhibit a whole lot more temperance, for certain.

How's your Lent going?


Hi Maurisa, that's great that your kiddos have embraced your Lenten challenge. My own seem to do much better than myself. I think it has to do with that "childlike" faith that we adults seem to grow out of because we allow ourselves to get bogged down with other distractions. I'm certainly guilty of that! Praying for you that the rest of your Lent will be grace filled and fruitful. God Bless+

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