Thursday, March 5, 2015

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Finally Some Real Snow!


Katerina is growing up into such a beautiful young lady. 


We finally had a real snow storm.  Funny, this is what we expect in January and February, not in March!  We had around 6 inches at home, and the mountain got nearly a foot of new powder.  Of course, we hurried through our school work so Chris and the kids could hit the slopes.  Leo was especially excited to ski.

This has been the first real snow the kids have been able to enjoy.  They've spent the last two days outside building snowmen and snow forts.  Kids outside, getting fresh air and sunshine,  really makes this mama happy, too!


Leo, like most 4 year olds, loves to eat snow.  I caught him licking the snow fort.


We may have only received 6 inches of snow at home, but it was a very wet, heavy 6 inches and our power went out just as we were finishing up school.  We packed up and headed to the lodge for the day.  No sense in staying home and freezing when we could hang out in a comfy lodge and the skiers could ski to their hearts' content.

The snow was a bit too deep for Leo at first, so he and I hung out at the lodge for several hours.  I was thankful I brought my iPad for his entertainment.  I was able to read an entire chapter of Father Neuhaus' book, Catholic Matters, without interruption. :)

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Chere Mama said...

Leo looks very fun!! Your "tyrant" is really cute!! Great pictures!!

Kim Paradiso said...

Your Katerina is beautiful and she's got the cutest hair too! Looks like everyone had fun with the snow, and you got to read without interruption--how nice is that?! Also, just realized you have a daughter discerning a religious vocation. God bless you all, we will add her and your family to our prayer intentions. Have a blessed week!