{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} March 12


Oxalis Shamrock I purchased from the grocery store.  I loved the dim light shining on the tiny white blooms.

Here they are lit from my kitchen window. You can make our the shamrock leaves better in this photo.


It's been in the upper 50s and low 60s this week.  The snow is melted and the boys have been stir crazy.  A trip to the park made them very happy.

Katerina expressed a desire to make cupcakes with maple frosting, inspired by her newest favorite book series--The Ranger's Apprentice.  With the tiniest bit of instruction from me, she made chai spice cupcakes and maple buttercream frosting.  They were delicious and made our tummies and tastebuds quite happy.


Leo did not want his portrait taken.  Mean mom.


I love finding selfies on my phone.  By now, my kids should know, if you leave a selfie on my phone it is fair game for me to upload however I see fit.  Fortunately, this clown could not care less.  The real here is round two of braces for her.  Katerina also got braces this week.  The two of them will be wired up for the next 18 months--as will our bank account.  So far, 5 of our 7 have had braces and one had to go two rounds because she wasn't losing baby teeth fast enough.  I've been warned the two boys will likely need ortho care as well.  At least that will be several more years down the road.


LOL!! I've got the same rule for selfies left on my phone! And, even if they take the pic and delete, they still show up on auto back-up!! ;-)

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