Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trying to Roll with the Punches

It has been a bit of a weird day.  The power went out at about 10:30 this morning, and I have no idea why as the weather seemed calm enough.  No biggie, we needed to run into town for the much anticipated orthodontic appointment for Special K.  I have no clue why she is so hot to get braces, but she is.  Thankfully, we have a very honest orthodontist and he flat out told her she is not quite ready for braces.  She will need them eventually, but it really would be better for her to wait until all her baby teeth have fallen out and her adult teeth have come in, even if she has a crazy toothy smile until then.  It may be a year or two.

While waiting for her orthodontic evaluation I was chatting with the assistant.  I mentioned we had a busy day planned, including ortho visit, lunch, and shopping at the commissary.  She asked if the commissary would be open during the government shutdown.  That thought had never occurred to me. After a quick check of the commissary website it was confirmed.  The commissaries are closed in the states during the shutdown.  Thanks a lot, powers that be.  Still, we have it so much better than many folks.  This is just a small temporary annoyance.  There are a lot of Americans who cannot work or collect pay checks during the shut down.  Their budgets will feel the effects of this forced "vacation" for months.  I managed to do a quick shopping excursion at Walmart.  I'll shop for a few days at a time until there is a resolution in congress.  I'm praying they make this worthwhile.  It would be a huge waste and disappointment if the Republicans caved.

Two weeks ago, our oven fan went kaput.  It was a week before we could get anyone out to look at it, and that is all he did.  He looked at it, determined it was indeed kaput, and then put in an order for a new fan motor.  The fan motor was due to come in on October 8 and the earliest repair appointment after the 8th was the 15th.  That would make it nearly a month without an oven.  Argh!  This oven isn't all that old either.  It was produced in 2009, for goodness sake.  The part came in today.  Almost a week early, so I called the appliance repair dispatch center to see if we could get the appointment moved up.  Nope.  The 15th was still the earliest they can get anyone out here.

I wasn't annoyed about the power.  I'm certainly not annoyed Special K needs to wait for braces.  I wasn't too annoyed about losing the commissary for now, but the oven thing has me boiling.  I'm trying hard to roll with it and be thankful that I have a gas stove that still works and we really aren't suffering much from not having an oven. I know life could be much worse.  Sometimes it's really hard to offer up all the little annoyances.  Anyone else have that difficulty?

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