Thursday, October 31, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Oct. 31

round button chicken


Wingnut installed this pretty new kitchen faucet for me.  The photo does not do  justice to it's gorgeous high arching design.  We looked at all sorts of faucets to replace our old one with and most came with soap pumps, sprayers, pull down faucets, etc.  In my experience, simplicity is really the best.


Our parish held its first annual trunk or treat yesterday.  My younger kiddos are extremely happy they get to wear their costumes on multiple days.  This is special K as the green ninja.

I would like to thank George Lucas for ruining Halloween for me once again.  In his 7 short years, Wingnut Jr. has been a Star Wars character 4 times.  I've banned Star Wars for next Halloween.


These two beautiful girls cannot be serious for a second.


Sr. Hope sent a photo of our Oleander studying hard at school.  She has quite the heavy load this year and the sisters are enjoying seeing her actually have to work at her studies.

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Mrs.C said...

I love that gorgeous faucet! Nice pics of your kids too.