Friday, October 4, 2013

So Now We're Entitled??

I generally stay out of the fray on Facebook.  I just don't think folks hearts and minds are reached by short blurbs on the internet.  That being said, I did get into it a bit yesterday when I was told I was entitled and a certain Costco shopper did not wish to share her shopping space with someone like me.  What?

With the government shut down the commissaries have closed their doors.  To some this is not a big deal, but to our enlisted folk, junior officers, and retired veterans, who very often are on very fixed incomes, this is a huge deal.  On average those with commissary privileges can save anywhere from 25 to 30% on groceries.  It is one of our benefits.  We receive benefits such as commissary privileges as part of our package deal with the military in exchange for generally lower wages than civilian counterparts, as well as the many, many sacrifices military families might make over a career.  I could list any number of sacrifices our own family has made, but I think we all realize what the ultimate sacrifice a military service member can make.

As a gesture of goodwill and gratitude, Sam's Clubs, across the US, have waived the membership fee for military, dependents, and retirees possessing a government issued id card.  I think this is absolutely wonderful.  This gesture will help our countless families affected by the commissary closures.  The only issue is, not every town has a Sam's Club but might have a Costco instead.  As yet, Costco hasn't followed suit, and that is fine.  They are under no obligation to do so.  However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking Costco if they might make the same gesture of goodwill, which is exactly what I did.  On Costco's Facebook page I asked if they would offer military folks temporary free access in their club stores and indicated that I might be more inclined to shop there if they did.   This is what I was attacked for and labeled as "entitled".  Ridiculous.

Would you be willing to lobby Costco on the behalf of those affected by commissary closures?  I am convinced it would not only be an act of good will on Costco's part, but good business in the long run that could generate paid memberships down the road.  If you wouldn't mind visiting their Facebook page or even just shoot them an email from their website at and ask if they'd be willing to waive membership fees for active duty, guard, reserve, dependents, and retirees during the government shut down, I would greatly appreciate it.  This really would be a great benefit for families struggling through the shut down right now.

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Sophie Miriam said...

I don't think it would be wrong for Costco to offer free memberships to military people, obviously, but it seems like offering them to people who aren't getting paid, regardless of whether they are in the military or not, would be a more helpful action. Someone who sees their food prices go up 30%, but is still getting paid, is probably doing a lot better than someone who isn't getting paid at all. Just my $0.02.

Maurisa said...

You're right, Sophie, but many of those furloughed right now are retired vets who are now govt contractors. In fact, I believe the vast majority of those furloughed have govt issued ids.