Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tall Tales

A couple weeks ago, Wingnut was attacked by a pit bull while out running.  The dog took a good chunk out of his leg.  Animal Control was called and the Sheriff came to the house to photograph his leg and take a statement.  Thankfully the dog was up to date on his rabies vaccination.  Unfortunately, the neighborhood had called Animal Control on more than one occasion regarding this dog and this latest incident meant the animal would be put down.

Lil' Lamb has been absolutely fascinated by his dad's injury, asking about it every morning and insisting on taking a look at it.  As Wingnut pulls his pant leg up, Lil' Lamb always exclaims, "Whoa!"

Today, after inspecting the healing wound, Lil' Lamb began telling us quite the tall tale.  According to our little guy, he had a fight with the dog that bit his dad.  He used a big stick and now the dog is dead. He has told that same story three times today.  It's funny and a bit disturbing.  I'm beginning to think we will be hearing elaborate, heroic stories from this little boy for quite some time. Print Friendly and PDF

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